Purpose And Objectives

The purpose of the IACN is to promote and facilitate the development, registration and professional practice of Neuropsychotherapy.

To this end the IACN objectives include:

  • Promoting the Neuropsychotherapy modality within the medical professions, governments and NGOs across the world
  • Supporting practicing clinicians with access to up to date research papers, comment and insight from globally recognised specialists
  • Developing and enhancing a network of like minded practitioners and to enhance peer supervision opportunities
  • Offering professional development opportunities

Neuropsychotherapy Training

Being a certified Clinical Neuropsychotherapy Practitioner means you will be:

  • recognised by the Neuropsychotherapy Institute as a Member of the International Association of Clinical Neuropsychotherapy. This list will be available to referring practitioners (medical doctors, psychiatrists and mental health NGO’s).
  • able to enhance your clinical skills through online forums
  • access specialist neuropsychotherapy focused supervision
  • access online neuropsychotherapy training
  • receive preference to workshops at discounted rates
  • linked in with a network of clinicians in your area operating from the same modality for peer supervision.


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