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What benefits do IACN members provide for their clients?

The modality of neuropsychotherapy focuses on using the findings of neuroscience research to better target and apply psychological treatments and counselling approaches as well as providing psychoeducational services for clients. When clients become more familiar with their own brain structure and function, they are usually in a better position to understand and impact their psychological difficulties e.g. to comply with ‘homework’ requests or face difficult situations i.e. approach behaviours are enhanced and avoidance behaviours are controlled and minimised.

What can I expect to receive from the IACN if I become a member?

As a member of the IACN there are a range of benefits which will support your application of neuroscience with your clients in clinical settings. These include:

  • Being recognised by the Neuropsychotherapy Institute as a Member of the International Association of Clinical Neuropsychotherapy. This membership list will be available to referring practitioners (medical doctors, psychiatrists and mental health NGO’s).
  • The ability to enhance your clinical skills through online forums
  • Access to specialist neuropsychotherapy focussed supervision
  • Access to online neuropsychotherapy training
  • Receive preference to workshops at discounted rates
  • Linked in with a network of clinicians in your area operating from the same modality for peer supervision.

What pre-requisites do I need to join the IACN?

There are four Membership Categories available to join the IACN and include:

 Associate Membership

There are no pre-requisites to join the IACN as an Associate Member. If you have an interest in neuroscience and it’s application in clinical settings or in Neuropsychotherapy as a practitioner modality, you may join and gain access to a network of like minded practitioners, as well as access to the latest peer reviewed papers through the  International Journal of Neuropsychotherapy.

Student Membership

Any student currently enrolled in a course focussing on psychology or counselling or allied health care provision (e.g. social work) at a recognised tertiary institution or privately run learning institution (or similar organisation), is eligible to join the IACN as a student member. They will receive the same benefits as Associate Members, but at a slightly reduced cost which recognises their student status.

Full Membership

Clinicians who have completed the 3 day Clinical Neuropsychotherapy Practitioner Training will automatically become Full IACN Members on completion of their training and confirmation of their undergraduate degree and professional body membership (or equivalent industry experience).

Certified Membership

Certified Membership is available for those Clinicians who have completed the 3 day Clinical Neuropsychotherapy Practitioner Training and are successful after submitting a written de-identified case study, demonstrating their capacity to apply neuroscientific principles in a clinical setting.

What kind of issues do Certified Neuropsychotherapy Practitioners deal with?

Practitioners who have completed the 3 day Clinical Neuropsychotherapy Practitioner Training and have successfully demonstrated their ability to apply neuropsychotherapeutic innervations with a client will become Certified Members. IACN Certified Members work with clients with any kind of psychological issue including such pathologies as Clinical Depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, Easting Disorders, Panic Disorders, addictions and any other psychological pathology. The application of a Neuropsychotherapeutic approach is not limited to any specific pathological presentation/s.

What kind of training/professional development do Certified Neuropsychotherapy Practitioners have to do to remain registered?

To remain registered as either a Certified or Full Member there is an annual requirement to complete online training modules or one live workshop – the details of these requirements differ for each stream within the association.

What is the range of fees I might be charged for seeing a Certified Neuropsychotherapy Practitioner?

There are no set fees for specific consultations. At a future date the IACN may offer advice on recommended standard fees for set consultation types in a similar way to the Australian Psychological Society (APS). However at present this is matter for each clinician to decide and negotiate with their clients.

Can I have a rebate on the fees from a Private health fund?

This is entirely dependent on the specific Health fund a client belongs to. The IACN liaises with all relevant Health Funds and provides details of IACN Membership qualifications and requirements and quality assurance procedures. However at this stage the decision to offer Health Fund Member benefits specifically in relation to treatments offered by members of the IACN, remains with the Health Fund concerned.

How do I become a member of the IACN?

Associate or Student Membership

To apply for Associate or Student Membership simply download the application form Associate or Student membership form.  Complete the form, scan it, make payment of the relevant fee and email it with any associated documentation to Your application will be acknowledged and as soon as the relevant checks have been made you will receive notification of your application status. Please note this may take up to 30 days.

Certified or Full Membership

To become a Certified or Full Member, you will need to register and complete the 3 day Clinical Neuropsychotherapy Practitioner Training. You will automatically become a Full Member on completion of the course. You will be upgraded to a Certified Member on submission and successful assessment of a written de-identified case study, demonstrating your capacity to apply neuroscientific principles in a clinical setting.